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LDSS-4418: Acknowledgment of Paternity

New York State issues one official voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) form, the LDSS-4418 (PDF).

The AOP form has been translated into several languages, but please note:

Translated AOP forms are provided for REFERENCE ONLY.
AOP forms must be completed in English to be legally valid.

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LDSS-4418, Acknowledgment of Paternity For a Child Born to an Unmarried Woman

Translated AOP forms are provided for REFERENCE ONLY.

中文  LDSS-4418-CH (Chinese)

Kreyòl  LDSS-4418-HA (Haitian Creole)

한국어 LDSS-4418-KO (Korean)

РУССКИЙ LDSS-4418-RU (Russian)

ESPAÑOL LDSS-4418-SP (Spanish)

Acknowledgment of Paternity Training Guide

In-Hospital Acknowledgment of Paternity (PDF)

New York State laws require that if a child is born to an unmarried woman and the putative father is readily identifiable and available, hospital staff must assist unmarried parents who wish to complete the voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) form.

Paternity brochures

Pub 4719, Establishing Paternity

ESPAÑOL Pub 4719-SP, Establishing Paternity (Spanish)

العربية Pub 4719-AR, Establishing Paternity (Arabic)

中文 Pub 4719-CH, Establishing Paternity (Chinese)

РУССКИЙ Pub 4719-RU, Establishing Paternity (Russian)

Pub 4901, A Driver's Manual for New Dads

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Hospital Based Acknowledgment of Paternity, WMV, 16 min.
Paternity video transcript

Reconocimiento de paternidad en el hospital, WMV, 16 min.
Guión de video sobre la paternidad

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