AOP Forms and Materials

LDSS-5171: Acknowledgment of Parentage

New York State issues one official voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage (AOP) form, the LDSS-5171 (PDF).

The AOP form has been translated into several languages, but please note:

Translated AOP forms are provided for REFERENCE ONLY.
AOP forms must be completed in English to be legally valid.

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LDSS-5171, Acknowledgment of Parentage

Translated AOP forms are provided for REFERENCE ONLY.

LDSS-5171-AR العربية  (Arabic)

বাঙালি  LDSS-5171-BE (Bengali)

中文  LDSS-5171-CH (Chinese)

Kreyòl Ayisyen  LDSS-5171-HA (Haitian Creole)

Italiano  LDSS-5171-IT (Italian)

한국어  LDSS-5171-KO (Korean)

Polski  LDSS-5171-PO (Polish)

РУССКИЙ  LDSS-5171-RU (Russian)

ESPAÑOL  LDSS-5171-SP (Spanish)

LDSS-5171-YI יידיש (Yiddish)

Paternity/Parentage brochures

Pub 4719, Establishing Paternity

ESPAÑOL Pub 4719-SP, Establishing Paternity (Spanish)

Pub 4901, A Driver's Manual for New Dads

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AOP Videos

The following videos are available on YouTube:

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