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Offering parents the opportunity to complete a voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage (AOP) form can give a child the best start in life—two caring parents.

Instructions to complete the AOP form

AOP Instructions contains an illustrated review of the steps to complete the LDSS-5171, New York State's voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage (AOP) form.

Acknowledgment of Parentage FAQ

Visit Acknowledgment of Parentage FAQ for questions and answers about signing the AOP form (LDSS-5171).

Forms and publications

Acknowledgment of Parentage (LDSS-5171):
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Translated forms are provided for REFERENCE ONLY.

Download AOP forms and other materials from the AOP Forms page.

Access and visitation services

Supervised Visitation includes information about access and visitation services and an interactive map showing the locations of authorized contractors in New York State.

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