How To Apply

Older woman and child

To apply for child support services, complete and submit an Application for Child Support Services (PDF) (16 pages). Adobe Reader is needed to view the form.


Note: Complete and submit only the last 8 pages to your local child support office. The first section is for your reference and contains important information you need to know and understand about child support enforcement services.

Additional sections of the application may be filled out as needed or printed for your records.

Return your completed application to your local child support office.

Are you receiving public assistance?

Anyone who applies for temporary or safety net assistance or Title IV-E foster care automatically receives all child support services. Public assistance recipients do not have to apply for child support services.

Medicaid applicants automatically receive two child support services, to establish paternity and obtain medical support. Medicaid applicants can apply for services to establish and/or enforce child support.

If you apply for Medicaid while you are pregnant or your child is less than 2 months old, you do not need to apply for child support services.

Legal services are available on request. Costs for legal services will be collected from clients who are not receiving public assistance benefits.

Annual Service Fee

Custodial parents may be charged a $25.00 service fee once a year. The fee applies only to parents who have never received assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF, formerly Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)) program, where child support is being paid to the family and more than $500 of support is collected and paid to the family during the federal fiscal year (October 1–September 30). For more information, visit the service fee questions and answers page.